Canada. Dept. of External Affairs


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一般注記 NLC 9/4/81 (AACR 2: Canada. Dept. of External Affairs; Establ. in 1909 under the Dept. of the Secretary of State. Became a separate Dept. in 1912; variant name: External Affairs Canada)
NLC 12/7/84 (AACR 2: Canada. Dept. of External Affairs; est. 1909 under the Dept. of Secretary of State; became a separate dept. in 1912; absorbed Dec. 7, 1983 the trade and commerce functions of the former Industry, Trade and Commerce)
から見よ参照 Canada. Ministère des affaires extérieures
Canada. Affaires extérieures Canada
Canada. External Affairs Canada
Canada. External Affairs, Dept. of
Canada. External Affairs
Canada. Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores
カナダ外務省<カナダ ガイムショウ>
コード類 典拠ID=AU00081129  NCID=DA00736804
1 カナダ Ottawa : カナダ外務省 , 1980
2 Foreign policy for Canadians [Main] - United nations. - Ottawa : Published by authority of the Honourable Mitchell Sharp, Secretary of State for External Affairs , 1970