Boyle, David, 1958-


著者の属性 個人
一般注記 Virtual currencies, 1999: t.p. (David Boyle)
After community politics, 2000: t.p. (David Boyle) p.31 (member of Liberal Democrats Federal Policy Committee, editor of Liberal Democrat News 1992-1998, associate of New Economics foundation, author of Funny money and The tyranny of numbers)
WD, 1994-1996 (David Courtney Boyle, born 1958)
Who's Who online, Aug. 27, 2001 (Boyle, David Courtney; b. May 20, 1958, London; journalist, writer, editor; author of: Building futures, 1989; Funny Money, 1999; Tyranny of Numbers, 2001; editor of: Liberal Democratic News, London, 1992-98; New Economics, 1987- ; New Democrat, London, 1988-91; Town & Country Planning, London; arts ed., Oxford Star, Oxford, Eng., 1982-85; assoc. New Economics Found., 1999-; head of devel. Rapide Prodns., London, 1988-92; fellow, Royal Soc. of Arts)
Writer's Dir., 2001 (also author of What is new economics?, 1993, and World War II: a photographic history, 1998)
The tyranny of numbers, 2000: t.p. (David Boyle) jkt. (journalist writing on new ideas in economics and author of Funny money; editor of New economics magazine since 1988; fellow of the RSA and a well-known figure in the New Economics Fndtn.)
His African Americans, 2003: t.p. (David Boyle) jkt. (U.K.-based writer on economics and politics; became interested in the story of African-American immigration while studying the oral history of African Americans as a personal project)
SRC:The money changers : currency reform from Aristotle to e-cash / edited by David Boyle (Earthscan Publications, 2002)
Dates of Birth and Death 1958
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1 ニュー・エコノミクス : GDPや貨幣に代わる持続可能な国民福祉を指標にする新しい経済学 / デイヴィッド・ボイル, アンドリュー・シムズ著 ; 田沢恭子訳 東京 : 一灯舎. - 東京 : オーム社 (発売) , 2010.6
2 マネーの正体 : 地域通貨 (オルタナティブマネー) は冒険する / デイヴィッド・ボイル著 ; 松藤留美子訳 東京 : 集英社 , 2002.7